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Francona on Wells

As quoted in the Globe’s “Red Sox Notebook” on 7/25, speaking of David Wells’ imminent return to the Red Sox following his knee surgery and unfortunate impact with a baseball on same said knee:

“…he’s kind of a freak of nature. The [expletive] can come out there and throw strikes. He gets out of bed, has a beer, whatever, he can throw strikes.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

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So lately I’ve discovered YouTube. I know I’m probably a few months late to the party, but that whole Zidane thing drew me to YouTube. There are always a good bunch of people with too much free time on their hands. here is a compilation of all the mini videos that people made. Some are pretty darn amusing. This one is one of my favorites, but pretty much anything with Fidel Castro is bound to be a little bit funny.

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Sports Extravaganza and More Carboat Stuff

So this Sunday, July 10th, was a sports-packed day. The World Cup final and the Red Sox vs. White Sox marathon 19-inning game were going on at the same time through the afternoon. It was a great use for the picture-in-picture feature on the tube.

The Sox game was a good one. It was damn long though, and the outcome was not exactly to my liking. The Remdawg summed it up at one point by saying: “This game could go on until Thursday for all I care; this is great!” Papelbon blew the save, and the White Sox bullpen outlasted us. Good thing it wasn’t a night game, or I would have been watching until 1:30am or something.

I tuned into the cup final somewhere around the 45th minute or so, and it was already deadlocked in a 1-1 tie. I had the feeling right away that this was at least going to be going into overtime. Of course I was rooting for the Italians, and just about fell off the couch after Zidane’s no-class head-butt move. And then I just about fell off the couch again when the ref’s got together and made the right call, giving him the red card. That right there pretty much sealed the fate of the French. Still, that’s quite an ignominious way to go in the last game of your career as one of the game’s “greats”. Over at 2GD there’s a great entry on the subject. With a hilarious gif animation.

And now onto the carboat. Foon as finally gotten around to putting up his account of the festivities, as well as some wonderful photos of the work. Some good ones of the thing in water, as well as a couple featuring your’s truly.



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Some good hangin’ and chillin’ last night at the Dockside, even though we are still mourning the Sox getting their asses swept out of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome. This was only, of course, after we left the dreadful “Sam’s Place” tourist trap craphole. Whose idea was that anyway?

And here are some hilarious webcomics. “Lunacy Abounds!”
I highly recommend both of them for some good chuckles.

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20 years ago

The 20-strikeout game is one of the rarest happenings in baseball, and one of my favorite. In fact, it’s so rare that it’s only happened three times (four if you count Randy Johnson’s gem that went into extra innings in 2001). Two of those games were pitched by the same man. Of course, it was approximately 20 years ago, on April 29th 1986 that Roger Clemens became the first to strike out 20 in a single game. Dan Shaughnessy, with his usual flair for the dramatic, recounts the night in a Globe article. Anyway, think maybe we’ll be seeing him back in a Sox uniform this summer? Now that would be an event, indeed. Heck, last night we gave Doug Mirabelli a veritable hero’s welcome back to RSN, can you imagine what would happen with the rocket? Alas, it’s probably just wishful thinking.

NESN actually rebroadcast the 1986 game last week, but I never got around to setting the tivo. It can be watched on as part of the Baseball’s Best collection though. I wonder if anyone out there has a bittorrent of it. Of course now that I mentioned that, the commisioner of baseball is going to be stopping by soon with some big dudes wielding bats.

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The “Closer”

Jonathan Papelbon as of 4/26

  • ERA: 0.00
  • Sv: 9
  • Svo: 9
  • K: 10
  • IP: 12.1
  • R: 0

‘Nuff said. He’s got icewater in his veins. It doesn’t matter what stupid crap he does to his hair, as long as he keeps closing like that. Although it’ll be interesting to see what he can do as a starter someday.

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