R.I.P. Geocities

“Founded in 1994 as Beverly Hills Internet, what is now Yahoo GeoCities was one of the first services to offer an easy way for early Internet surfers to publish their own Web pages.”

GeoCities, once one of the 10 most visited domains of the entire internet, and repository of around 10 terabytes of people’s home pages and information dating back to 1994 is shutting down today. Ken Gagne says all that needs to be said about it in his excellent ComputerWorld blog post today. Soon we’ll be losing such gems as my high school friend Josh’s Phiggity-Phat Home Page from c. 1996, featuring amazing gems on Fred Couples, David Carradine, Peter North, and the A-Team. Such a loss, indeed. Thankfully, the archive team is working on saving it. Also, check out XKCD’s tribute to geocities in today’s comic.

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