Abbot’s Frozen Custard in Needham


I was skimming over the news websites today, and came across something awesome in the Boston Globe today: Cold Comfort: Abbott’s custard brings back good memories for customers.

Yes, it’s true. There’s an Abbott’s franchise open now in Needham, MA. For readers who do not hail from Rochester, NY, and/or have never tasted frozen custard (from Abbott’s or anywhere), here is a good description:

“Frozen custard, made with eggs, buttermilk, and cream, and churned slowly in a custom-made machine, is denser than traditional ice cream. “I missed Abbott’s,” says Dauria. “Every time I went back to Rochester the first thing we did was go there.” So five years ago, the former buyer for Filene’s hatched a plan to open an Abbott’s Frozen Custard franchise here, the first in New England”

And a little bit of history:

“Rochester residents were first introduced to frozen custard in 1902, when Arthur Abbott started flogging the confection at local fairs. He open a permanent location in 1926 in the Rochester neighborhood of Charlotte (pronounced “Shar-LOT” or, if you are from Rochester and have the signature flat twang, “Shar-LAAT”), which still exists today.”

  1. #1 by rooroo on August 10, 2008 - 9:48 pm

    benny o c, you guest blogged for me today!! thanks again for your advice.

  2. #2 by MRhé on August 20, 2008 - 2:08 pm

    What happened to “Maybe I’ll blog tonight”?

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