Bon Jovi Concert (and All American Rejects)


A couple of months ago, I happened to be surfing the internet and a banner ad conveniently informed me that Bon Jovi was touring and tickets were going on sale for shows here in Boston at the TD Banknorth Boston Garden. Being an impulsive buyer of such things, and a Bon Jovi fan, I picked up some tickets for the July 10th show. It turns out that All American Rejects were opening — a pleasant surprise, since I actually like them (and not just because I bought both of their Rock Band songs).

So it was a pretty awesome show. It was an interesting crowd there. There was a pretty large portion of the people there who were around my age (late 20’s), and there was another large contingent of folks about 10 years older, and then a bunch of youngsters as well. Also, it’s hard to believe that that dude on stage bringing the house down is 46 years old.

Here’s my (small) photo album of the AAR.

And here’s the photo album of Bon Jovi.

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