Clip Show

In honor and observance of the Writer’s Strike currently going on, here is my version of a “clip show.” This blog has over 175 entries now, some good, some bad, some awesome. I know there are several new readers here, and it’s a pain to sift through the entire blog to find the good nuggets. Here, in my opinion, are the 15 most worthy entries if you’re flipping through this place I like to call “Into the Weeds”:

  • yuck: Cold Stone Creamery Rant
  • The Soul of the Commuter: Commuting sucks. In very many ways. Here I get back to my urban studies roots.
  • UIUC Mail Server Disaster: A tale of sysadmin sorrow from 2002
  • Trivia: See if you can identify who all of these footnotes to history are.
  • The Cult of Scientology: Mini-rant and link to a freaking awesome article on scientolgy.
  • Longwood Towers: Rant about why the Longwood Towers Condominiums are some place you should not be thinking about living in.
  • : Classic tale of dot-bomb woe. Ever wonder what that “kozmo” box is that’s sitting in the kitchen lounge on second west?
  • Florence Co. ADMAX: Crazy terrorist prison in Colorado with all sorts of nasties inside.
  • New Apartment: Check out the awesome view from my living room.
  • Driving in Boston: A primer, with scary crazy maps of intersections.
  • Captain Al Haynes: The amazing story of Capt. Haynes and United flight 232.
  • Firefighting Mode: Some systems philosophy, and the condition of what things were like back when I worked at MIT IS&T.
  • The Switch: Mac vs. PC
  • Unofficial!!!!: The crazyness at UIUC known as “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day” and why it is awesome and awesomely stupid at the same time.
  • Datacenter Transformer: A tale of woe from some crazy-ass electrical problem and superbad preparation and handling at MIT IS&T.
  1. #1 by MRhé on November 27, 2007 - 4:57 pm

    I was going to make some throwaway comment about how this is a self-indulgent entry, but it reminded me that you actually have posted some quality stuff. Nice blog you got goin’ here, Benoc.
    Grade: C-
    P.S. I think a Lebowski night is in order sometime in the next 300 days…

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