Boston, You’re My Home

After spending two weeks in San Francisco, visiting the headquarters of my new employer, Linden Lab, I am fully recovered from the jet lag, and back at home.

Unfortunately, the Red Sox are now down 1-2 in the ALCS vs. the Indians. The Rockies, on the other hand, are looking like a classic “Team of Destiny (TM).” When’s the last time they lost a game? How good was that one-game NL wild-card playoff?

Anyway, come on down to my place, good ‘ol apt. 1504 to help cheer on the Sox tonight as they battle the Indians (feather, not dot), for the privilege of meeting the Rockies in the 2007 fall classic. Refreshments and food will be provided. The fun starts at 6:30, when I get home from work. Game time is 8pm.

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