Business Trip

Well, first thing tomorrow I’m off on the ‘ol iron bird to lovely Champaign, Illinois. A consulting customer out there is upgrading an old crusty Ultra10 running Sol 7 to a shiny new Dell RHEL 5 server. This should be a bit of an adventure though, since nobody’s sure exactly what all is running on the old box, with various web sites, cgi scripts, content management systems, movable-type/mysql installations, etc. Loads of fun. Wish me luck.

Also, since it turns out that Steer Roast is tonight, I’ve got a chance to stop by and check it out, after missing it for all these years. Markus Feldmeirius is building some sort of lighted floor thing covered in sand (from what I could gather from talking to him about it), and the usual Senior House lunacy will be in full effect as well, of course. Lunacy abounds.

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