Thanks to my former co-worker and vserver guru andyburn, this blog, and my website, are both now running on a virtual server hosted somewhere other than underneath the desk in my guest bedroom. I should get around to sending him a fruit basket, or maybe some wine. Downloading those large images should be much faster, and we won’t have any more of the comcast DNS snafus that caused some outages in the past. Also, I took the opportunity to upgrade the server to Movable Type v3.34.

Now, if anyone out there (*cough* johnston *cough*) needs someplace to host a blog, drop me a line. The Movable Type blog software is really quite nice, slick, powerful, etc. and I’d have no problems setting up additional blog accounts on the system ( for anyone who may require such service. Onwards and upwards!

  1. #1 by MRhé on April 13, 2007 - 9:53 am

    Not to mention hosting great Game Nights!

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