College Drama?

Whoa. Just Whoa. Here’s the story: Some dude at UNC finds out that his girlfriend is cheating on him, with his roomate. So what does he do? Organizes an elaborate ‘event’ on Valentine’s Day (yesterday), where he invites her to a public place on campus (the pit), and tells her she’s going to get serenaded by the acapella group. In reality, it’s an elaborate plan to break up with her in public, with as many people watching, broadcast across the internet, and the acapella group is singing the Dixie Chicks’ “Not Ready to Make Nice.”

I picked this little story up off of a Daily Illini Blog entry, and there’s apparently going to be full coverage on some UNC campus television show. They’ve got a nice teaser video of their footage up on their site. Also, of course is the facebook group.

So I wonder, is this all in good fun, or is this just another sign of the fall of western civilization? An elaborate hoax? Over the line? It’s hard to actually determine who got the best of who in the ensuing argument, and/or who ends up looking like more of a douchebag. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s an fairly clever one, and the mob definitely got played. Ahh the internet — wonderful thing, isn’t it?

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