GTA San Andreas

So, at some point a couple of weeks ago, I started re-playing GTA San Andreas from the beginning. Having already gone through the game once when it first came out, I can take the time to appreciate some of its finer points. The first word one has to use to describe this game is “epic.” I don’t have my stats handy here, but I think it took somewhere between 100-200 hours of playing time to beat it, and that may not count restoring from save spots. So, I’ve been playing for a couple weeks now, a few hours on sporadic nights, and I think I might be just about 25-33% through the main plot of the game.

I’ve also gotten to appreciate a lot more of the plot, acting and voices of the game — featuring Samuel L. Jackson, James Woods, Ice-T, Chris Penn, Peter Fonda, David Cross, Wil Wheaton, Andy Dick, Axl Rose, and others. For the full list of who plays what, it’s neat to check out the page on IMDB. Some quotes from the game are pretty darn good too.

Tommy Smith (Axl Rose): It’s like I always say, you can cry about the miscarriage, or keep drinking.

CJ: (In response to an obvious question) Does the pope shit in the woods?
Cesar: Why you keep asking me that, holmes? I told you, I dunno. Where the holiness does his business, is his business.

Tommy Smith (Axl Rose): Weren’t the ’70s great? Back then, you could bang anything you wanted, take all the drugs you wanted, smoke, drink and hate the country. What’s happening these days is a disgrace. Nobody’s protesting any more, nobody can get good ‘ludes and rock bands don’t wear good makeup.

Random Pedestrians on Street: You’re like my asshole, always holding up shit!

CJ:(while falling off of a tall building or cliff) I hate gravity!


  1. #1 by MRhé on February 16, 2007 - 9:23 am

    One of the best games ever. Really took the GTA franchise to new heights. Back when JCB was in the States and owned a PS2, we logged a few thousand hours playing.
    There’s that one mission where you have to fly a goddamn remote-controlled airplane around, and it was really tough. Took us 8,956 attempts to beat it, and when we did at Sub Terra, JCB jumped up with his fist raised high and inadvertently punched my stucco ceiling. I believe there was blood drawn.

  2. #2 by amanda on March 1, 2007 - 4:18 pm

    one of my favorite quotes is when cj is on a date and the girl is talking and he goes, “that’s so interesting,” while he’s obviously not listening. cracks me up every time.
    that remote control plane mission? made me hate david cross’ character, zero. i got so sick of him and that stupid, stupid plane.

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