Benoc Wisdom Watch: Issue I

With a nod to foonyor, who used to send these out occasionally back in the day.

  • ^ – Pi Tau Zeta: For whatever reason (primarily trying to get my computer back), I’ve had the opportunity to hang out on 2ndwest way too much this week. It turns out that I’m past the point of being depressed at how old I’ve become and can now appreciate the nostalgia and “ambiance”. I guess the kids are alright after all.
  • V – Messy Apartment: I’m lazy and Kristy works 80 hours per week. This is not a good recipe for keeping the place clean. I’m ashamed to say that I still haven’t managed to get the christmas tree down. We figured that there should be a new law forbidding people to still have their christmas trees up for the Super Bowl.
  • ^ – My Job: A few interesting projects, relatively low stress, not too many messes to clean up. It’s almost like I’m getting back to the roots of what being a sysadmin is actually all about. I’d recommend a similar change of scenery for anyone else in the profession worried about getting burnt out.
  • = – BWH Cafeteria: Delicious food available just downstairs every day for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I surmise that this is why I’ve gained 10-15 pounds since starting work here.
  • ^ – Email Archive: I dug out my old email archive recently. There’s nothing quite like reading stuff you sent out, or supposedly read 8 years ago, but have no recollection of.
  • V – Hanging Out: Hanging out was at a minimum this weekend. Here’s to hoping that that situation improves in the future.
  • V – Scottoway: Scojo really needs an actual interactive web system (some people may even call such a thing a “blog”). He posts some good stuff on his page, but there’s no way for the rest of us to add our own two cents and join the conversation.
  • ^ – Da Bears: The Bears are going to put a hurtin’ on Peyton and the Colts this Sunday. Bear down.
  • ^ – Grill 23: Kristy and I went to Grill 23 this past Monday to celebrate our pseudo-anniversary (10 years!). It deserves it’s own blog entry, but I think it may be my favorite eating establishment. We’ve been there a few times and it never disappoints. I had the Kobe Beef cap steak. Yum.
  1. #1 by MRhé on February 1, 2007 - 3:03 pm

    I thought this was pretty sweet. 1 point. Also, a bonus point for giving Scooter the V. That debate has been going on since ’04 as far as I know.

  2. #2 by amanda on February 1, 2007 - 5:25 pm

    i thought this post was fun too. i might steal the format sometime soon.
    even I took down my christmas tree before mlk day though, man, get on that shizz!

  3. #3 by Mark J. on February 1, 2007 - 10:16 pm

    My folks used to grab lunch at South Shore hospital’s cafeteria. They always raved about the food. And Bridgewater State College’s cafeteria had the best stir fry, cooked to order while you waited. I don’t think there’s a single place like that at UIUC.
    And I agree, Grill 23 is awesome. Great staff there, too.

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