Back at Work

After a week hanging out at Gordon College up on the north shore (some of you readers may be familiar with that particular school) for a networking training class, it’s nice to be back to the regular routine. No, I’m not going to become a network administrator, it’s just some class that work paid for and made me take so that I could take over some of the networking responsibilities here.

The tour of the Gordon IT department was interesting though. It’s nice to see that they’re a much much better run shop than MIT — even if one of their jobs is making sure all “objectionable” sites on the internet get filtered for their network, and finally getting high-speed networking and wireless to all of the residence halls, and their “server room” consists of about 5 racks in a room the size of my office. Their Christian/biblical naming scheme for all of their servers (faith, hope, charity, responsibility, gabriel, etc. were some that I noticed) was clever and appropriate. We also got to see the foundation being laid for their new science center, named after famous and rich alum and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., Ken Olsen.

  1. #1 by LB on November 13, 2006 - 7:07 pm

    No way, you were at Gordon all week? They’ve clearly fixed some of the many problems with their IT department that existed when I was there, although I am glad that they’ve held on to their server names; when I was a student our email was on the peace server, and I always enjoyed that particular quirk.

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