It’s extremely rare that I meet someone who hails from my hometown (Rochester, N.Y.). Last night I did, and we briefly reminisced about Nick Tahoe’s garbage plates, good chicken wings, The Distillery, R.I.T. (all bricks, no chicks), The Alexander St. Pub, and other hangouts and such. Brought to mind a funny list that I had come across a while ago. What follows are some selections from “You Know You’re From Rochester, NY When…”:

  • The only thing at the annual May Lilac Festival is snow.
  • You can’t swim at the beach.
  • Toronto is about 70 miles away, but it takes four hours to get there.
  • The name “Greater Rochester International Airport” is bigger than the airport itself.
  • Your baby’s first word is “Wegmans”.
  • You ask lifetime residents where the George Eastman House is, but they don’t know either.
  • You order a white hot and a pop, and the counterman knows what you’re talking about.
  • You can go to any mall on a Saturday and see at least 5 people you either work with, went to school with or dated.
  • When 18+ inches of snow falls overnight, but you never thought of NOT going to work.
  • You are perplexed when friends from other cities come to visit and want to “see the sights”.
  • You define summer as three months of bad sledding.
  • Halloween is snowed out with great regularity.
  • Half the change in your pocket is Canadian, eh.
  • The thought of eating a “garbage plate” makes your mouth water.
  • The worst four-letter word you could say is “Fuji”.
  • “Waking up with the Wease” doesn’t mean that you have a respiratory infection.
  • A flagpole strung with white lights seems like an acceptable alternative to a municipal Christmas tree.
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