Exit Survey

So, before I leave, they made me fill out an “Exit Survey.” I figured it was a good time to air my concerns to the higher-ups, since everyone else down here in the trenches already knows what the issues are (heck, I practically spelled it out on my performance review). Some highlights of the exit survey:

Q: Why are you leaving IS&T/MIT?
A: Severe staffing shortage and lack of advanced technical knowlege in the group have contributed to a deteriorating IT infrastructure and overworked staff with low morale.

Q: Are there any other aspects of working in IS&T or at MIT that you would like to comment on?
A: My team is good. It’s a wonder that they’ve been able to avoid an IT meltdown through this staff shortage and heavy workload.

Q: Please tell us three things that would help us create a better work environment for IS&T
A: (I can only think of two)1. Better staffing and higher salaries to attract technical leaders. 2. Better project management (e.g. the power management debacle has required several nights of off-hour work with minimal days of notice and preparation time)

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