New Phone

So I decided to “bite the bullet” today and get a new cell phone. Actually, it wasn’t that much of a decision, since my employer is paying for it. I picked up my Treo 650 smartphone from my friendly local verizon dealer and have already gotten it syncing with my mac with minimal problems.

It’s not a piece of cake, and palm’s sync software really is a flaming pile of shit — especially on Mac OS. Luckily, many others out there on the internet have worked out the kinks and I was able to get my contacts and calendar working. I’ve also set up “versamail” on it so I can check my email (IMAP) when I’m not with a computer. On the down side, it’s not a real “cell phone,” so all of Verizon’s “get it now” apps aren’t available for it. However, it’s a Palm Pilot, so many apps are out there for it. It also has a web browser, so checking sports scores, etc. can probably be done that way, although I really liked ESPN’s MLB GameCast on my old phone.


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