Saturday Work

So I spent about 13 hours at work on Saturday doing a planned SAN upgrade and switch migration. All-in-all things went fairly well, in spite of EMC’s best efforts (as usual) to screw everything up. On the day before the work, they called and said something like, “Oh yeah, we just noticed there’s this thing and blah blah blah and two of your hosts are going to completely lose all of their storage.” Luckily we were able to rig up a link to another storage array and do a quick data backup and then a restore when the work was done. It was amusing to listen to all of the EMC people yelling at each other about this screw-up and trying to push the blame around appropriately. Our sales guy’s words were something to the effect of “Do I need to fire somebody over this?” Alas, this is par for the course when we deal with them though. Something always gets messed up, important details get missed, and there is general strife.

They did provide us with a truckload of Dunkin Donuts (good), and Dunkin Donuts’ Coffee (also good) as well as Dunkin Donuts’ Bagels (somewhat grim). My boss provided lunch from Bertuccis, and we made it through the day in one piece.

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