Lesson in Politics in East-Central Illinois

Please remember that is important to be polite. Be careful of what you say on the internet, especially if you’re talking to an ass. A certain acquaintance of mine from back in Champaign, let loose quite a diatribe directed towards a local loudmouthed conservative bigot (exhibit B):

Yeah, this seals it.  You're pretty much the biggest
dumbass in the world. If I ever meet you, I will anally rape
you.  Not because I'm into that, but just because I'd love to
see how somebody like you deals with having had a
homosexual experience.  Hopefully you'll kill yourself.

If you knew the people involved, you’d probably agree with me that this was downright hilarious. Whether or not it was appropriate, is another matter. Somewhat predictably, the dumbass recipient went whole-hog and complaned to the poster’s employer and the local police. Luckily, both were understanding and pretty much laughed the incident off. Anyway, be careful out there. I, for one, plan to never threaten anyone with anal rape on the pages of this blog, no matter how hilarious or appropriate it may seem.

  1. #1 by errhode on February 21, 2006 - 12:30 pm

    Whoa… I’ve seen that killfile site before. And then I remembered why:
    Small world…

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