An update, 8 years late

So I’ve finally gotten around to substantially re-doing my home page. The page has been essentially untouched since sometime in 1998, when I first fired up Microsoft Frontpage and threw it on the web. Sure, there have been content updates since then (updating my address, my job, some pictures). The problem was that a lot of those updates were done by hand, so I was stuck with some strange congolmeration of Frontpage crap and hand-edited stuff.

What I’m doing is using nvu, a nice editing helper available for Linux, OSX and Windows, to actually set up a page with style sheets, no frames, and a minimum of kludgy table layouts and FrontPage bots. This is my first time at actually really editing a web page this century, so a lot of this CSS stuff is new to me. It doesn’t seem so bad. Anyway, the basic work on the website is done, now I just need to fine-tune and get it looking pretty.

Hopefully, now that the site is set up in a sane fashion, I’ll find it easier to keep up to date, and add more photo albums, etc.

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